Nai...where's Nai? Absent?

Few things to list off on.

First off, the series is NOT over, simple taking time off a bit to adapt to a new surroundings and events. We've had a few interuptions here and there but I'm still active.

I noticed that there are people who still visit the site and check for new comics, makes me feel bad for not uploading anything, so I'll quickly change that.

Second, the BS crew has been reduced somewhat and changed. Shinji and myself are still active, but our other members have flown the coop, leaving only us to continue. With my new job and money rolling in, I'm thinking on a few new aspects, maybe get BS a real site, might convince me to do more work on it. Plus, I have an "old" member, coming back to do some encouragement, and maybe even do a few comics if I can convince her to do one here and there. (Turns out that bear didn't eat her after all)

BS will be back and thriving again next week so keep your eyes peeled for new comics! Tell your friends!

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